Volcanic Knots Rings Inspiration

This collection was completely inspired on one of the most beautiful landscapes of Chile: our beloved South, with its imposing volcanoes and lakes.


Last summer, while we were enjoying our holidays in Pucon, we had a premonition of the Villarica Volcano erupting that happened some time ago. It was really inspiring been surrounded by this wonderful landscape. Penetrating colors, like the intense blue sky, different types of green, whites, blacks, etc. It didn't stop appearing.  And suddenly, we had the perfect vision for one of our most special collections...

The volcano gave us a part of it... The beach of this quiet lake is made by millions of volcanic rocks, which at plain sight look like regular ones; because they were a lot, and sometimes with many things we see what is special.

So, we started and collected rocks of different sizes, shapes and colors during the whole afternoon. When we came back to Santiago with our minds full with ideas, we gauged them and we found amazing results.

If we talk about energies, the volcanic rock, besides beautiful, is full with attributes; it comes from the center of our earth, that's why it brings many healing and protective energies; it's associated with freedom and self-sufficiency; shows intense vibrations that reinforce safety feelings; scares fears and make us feel stronger; soothes irritated and angry conditions; and helps to overcome and prevent depressive conditions, anxiety and nerves.

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